Frozen Pinangat (Hot and Spicy)


It contains 250 grams in each pack of Frozen Pinangat (Hot and Spicy). It is one of the best than the plain pinangat because it gives you more appetite to eat it. 

It is made of the following: Fresh whole taro leaves, fresh cut taro leaves, chicken meat, dried fish (daing), garlic, onion, ginger, oregano, black pepper, seasoning, fish sauce, coconut milk, fresh coconut leaves strips and siling labuyo.

In cooking, put the coconut milk into the bowl mix all ingredients except for the cut taro leaves into a medium square size. Get at least three (3) pieces whole taro leaves to wrap. Put a few cut taro leaves as the filling into the center of the whole taro leaves together with the coconut mixture, chicken meat and dried fish leaves then wrap. Tie with fresh coconut leaves strips, put in a casserole, pour the remaining coconut mixture then cook until the coconut milk molds on top. Reduce the fire and wait until cooked. Approximate cooking time is two (2) hours.

It will make you feel at home because you can probably remember the delicacies in Guinobatan, Albay Philippines. Especially that it has a siling labuyo in which the Bicolanos are known for it. There are no preservatives added to ensure the quality of it. Eating nutritious at same time you will feel comfortable while eating our Special Pinangat (Hot and Spicy).