Frozen Inulukan (Hot and Spicy)


It contains 250grams per pack. It is made of the following INGREDIENTS: Fresh taro leaves (for wrapping), young coconut meat, garlic, onion, spring onion, ginger, crab meat lemon or kamias (optional), oregano, salt to taste, black pepper, coconut milk,baby coconut leaves strips for tying and siling labuyo.

To cook: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl together with a young coconut meat, wrap with the fresh taro leaves then tie with the fresh coconut leaves strips, put it in the casserole, pour the coconut milk mix with salt pepper and seasoning then cook. While cooking observes if the coconut milk molds on top of the Inulukan then reduce the fire. Wait until it is cooked. Approximate cooking time is two hours (2hrs.).

It gives you a soft feeling inside your mouth because of its creamiest and milkiest taste. Smooth yet delicious and you will never stop eating. No need to worry our Special Inulukan can maintain its freshness if you will keep it frozen and you can keep it until three months. There are no preservatives added to ensure the quality of it. Eating nutritious at the same time you will feel comfortable while eating our Special Inulukan that will surely make you feel like your living in Guinobatan, Albay (Bicol, Philippines).


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