Sean-Susan Food Products had been managing their business for more than ten (10) years making them stable in the business industry. They serve dependable products because they use digital weighing scale to have the exact amount of each food product. Through the years of making longganisa, the product is familiar through the Orgulyo Kan Bikol (OKB) stores in Legazpi Airlines Canteen, and First Collonial Grill for its main ingredient in its Pasta Bicolana Dish. Eating Guinobatan’s Special Longganisa feels like home, that’s why we feel comfortable when eating. We ensure that our products are predictable to sustain the stability of our business.

The method of preparing and making longganisa is consistent all throughout the food production of Guinobatan’s Special Longganisa. The ingredients used to make longganisa are very authentic in its own way because we stick to its recipe from the beginning of making longganisa until it successfully known nationwide. Sean-Susan Food Products maintain a level of service that delivers what is promised and make sure we leave our customers fully satisfied. We contact our customers personally if there is a problem. Longganisa is mouth-watering in the sense of its smell and taste. It feels like you are all the way back home.


Bringing sumptuous taste, delightful feeling and nutritious bites in every piece of longganisa.


  Our vision is to cater community welfare through excellent service and authentic products.