Why not try  Sean-Susan Food Products? 

In every meal, you will never fail to be in a hurry in the dining table when your mother cooked longganisa. It’s not just for our tummies to be full but eating longganisa has health benefits because of siling labuyo powder which is believed to lower blood cholesterol and can help cure diabetes.

Some of us think that longganisa is sweet but our longganisa is something that you will enjoy to eat and will never feel sick of it.

How do we make our Guinobatan Special Longganisa? Here’s the step:

  • Washing
  • Draining
  • Chopping
  • Measuring and Mixing
  • StuffingTying
  • Packaging/SealingFreezing
We offer Pork Longganisa and Chicken Longganisa:
  • Special Pork (Guinobatan Special Longganisa)
  • Regular Pork (Guinobatan Special Longganisa)
  • Hot and Spicy (Guinobatan Special Longganisa)
  • Chicken (Guinobatan Special Longganisa)

 Also Available our Pinangat and Inulukan:

Special Pinangat in Plain Flavor

  • Special Pinangat in Hot and Spicy Flavor
  • Special Inulukan in Plain Flavor
  • Special Inulukan in Hot and Spicy Flavor

The Company has a social media facebook page under its name of Sean-Susan Food Products. This serves as a powerful tool in promoting its products since almost everybody nowadays has his/her own facebook account. The facebook page comes with free advertisement hence no cost is needed to promote the product.